Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions for a New Year

I am thinking that telling the blogworld my New Year's resolutions will somehow mean that I actually carry them out. We'll see how it goes, I have quite a few (in no particular order of importance)...

- Improve my piping skills (this means lots of practice cupcakes :-)
- Learn how to knit and be more crafty in general
- Volunteer at FNB once a month
- Find a job that I love (or at least one I don't hate)
- Learn how to use my new camera!
- Be a more effective advocate for veganism
- Visit someplace I've never been before
- Eat more green leafy things
- Clean the stovetop right away when something boils over
- Run and do yoga more regularly
- Wear sunscreen and floss everyday
- Recyle more and drive less
- Be a more supportive, caring friend, sister, daughter, and wife

We are about to head to dinner then on to two different parties. Not wanting to come empty-handed, I made black bottom blondies and peanut butter bombs, both from My Sweet Vegan. I snuck a taste of both, and OMG, the bombs are in fact, the bomb. I think I saw someone describe them as Reese's in cookie form (or maybe it was in the recipe, I should go look to reference correctly, but I'm too lazy), they are better than that. John and I even ate one raw and loved it. These should get mowed at the party (but if not, fine, more for me!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to 2008!


Melody Polakow said...

Love your goals! I'm sure you will accomplish them..

Your treats look amazing!

VeggieGirl said...

terrific resolutions you've got there for 2008 - I too need to work on my piping skills (more like DEVELOP some piping skills, since I've never frosted anything before!! haha).

mmm, the black bottom blondies and peanut butter bombs look sensational - isn't it great how you can eat one of those cookies/bombs raw, and NOT worry about getting ill from eating raw batter? vegan-baking perk ;0)

oh and in the recipe description, in the book, Hannah DOES say that the bombs are like peanut-butter cups in cookie-form. I checked for you :0)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

i applaud you for making a list of resolutions... i didn't even do that! but maybe i'll steal a few of yours: being a better vegan advocate and being more supportive/caring sound like things i could work on. good luck in your many goals!

your sweet vegan treats look kick-butt. makes me even more antsy as i wait for my copy of my sweet vegan to arrive in the mail! maybe you should leave some blondies and cookies in the car so you'll have a few munchies left over - from the looks of things, the party guests will gobble up every last bite!

Veg-a-Nut said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND! New Years Resolutions, hmmm I have tossed many ideas around the past couple months. DH and I have a date at the kitchen table working on menus, calendar dates, and setting goals tomorrow. I am sure great things will come next year.

I wish you all the luck in meeting your goals with much peace and happiness!

bazu said...

happy new year!

I love making resolutions, big and small. We share some of the same ones- I really want to do work with FNB this year, too!

Celine said...

can I move closer so that I can help eat the cupcakes you'll need to bake to practice your piping skills?

Pink Theory said...

Happy New Year! I see a lot of goals of mine overlapping with your resolutions (like flossing everyday, cleaning the stovetop immediately :-) ) I hope you had fun at your parties...I'm sure your treats were gobbled up quickly. They look tasty!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Happy new year, my dear friend!

aTxVegn said...

Happy New Year, Amanda! I love your list of reoolutions.

Your party treats look so good! I still don't have My Sweet Vegan and I don't think I can hold out much longer.

Cakespy said...

Good goals for the new year, lady! I resolve to eat more peanut butter bombs in the new year. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year! And yay for more awesome sweet treats- They look great, and I'm always cheered to hear that the recipes come out well!

Ruthie said...

VN ~

I would love to volunteer at FNB with you! :)

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

happy new year! i love the resolutions . . . they are all good ones.

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

Happy New Year! Your friends are lucky to get so many awesome sweets from you!

Anonymous said...

i need to make some resulutions.. im so lazy for that.

the bombs.....mmmmmmmmmm

i cant wait to have that book.

Carolann said...

Awesome resolutions! Good luck on those! I can't wait to get My Sweet Vegan. Everything just looks so tasty. Happy New Year!

vko said...

Good luck on your resolve- I think you will definitely get to them! Love to see a new years post filled with sweets for sweetness to come!

Ashasarala said...

Those treats look drool-worthy. That cook book is next on my list. I can't keep up with all of 'em, it seems! :)

I actually share a lot of the same resolutions as you! I've especially been meaning to get into yoga. A new studio opened up in my neighborhood for very cheap money, so now I have no more excuses!

I giggled when I read about cleaning the stove right away when something boils over. I know EXACTLY what you mean. It's a pain in the arse and I'm lazy about it, myself. Gotta git on that! ;)

vegetalion said...

"Clean the stovetop right away when something boils over" - if only I could get my roommate to make this resolution! such a good call.

also, I'm psyched for all your "practice" cupcakes ^_^

the little one said...

What wonderful resolutions. Really. One tool that helps me with running and doing yoga is the website For a very good price, you join and can track your workouts. Not having anything to put in for a few days definitely makes me get my ass in gear.

I have NO idea how to pipe. I've tried several times now to use my pastry bags and tips to decorate cupcakes and they came out totally ridiculous! When you learn the secrets please tell me!