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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Snuggle Up for a WIP Wednesday

So many crafts! So little time! For this Work-In Progress Wednesday post I'm showing off a bunch of finished projects. So grab a cup of tea, a snuggly blanket, and follow along...

First, it's time to reveal this month's completed stitch-along! The last few days I have been embroidering like a mad woman to finish up the Bear & Bunny dolls. I must admit to struggling a bit with stitching up the final bit after stuffing. My slip stitch isn't the best, so I often resort to other techniques (such as forcing the stuffed animal through my sewing machine, with mixed success). But it worked out in the end and these two dollies have now found good homes. (oh, and that is my childhood Easter basket with them that my crafty mom made!)

I made these boxer shorts for my brother's birthday (hopefully he won't read this and spoil the surprise). This is my first pattern from Sew Everything Workshop, and the directions were a bit cryptic for me, but I was still happy with the final product.
Did you know that March 20 was Meatout Day 2009? Actually, everyday should be meatout day as far as I'm concerned, but that's beside the point. Our local vegan group held a movie screening with an accompanying bake sale, so I made vanilla Meatout cupcakes complete with a fondant piece of meat.
Remember those giraffe parts strewn about that I showed you last time? Well here is the final first birthday cake. The recipient was even sweet enough to send me a few pics of her little one blowing out the candles and getting all messy with the cake (I made a separate, mini-cake just for that). So cute!
I finished sewing the first of three aprons this past week, and I love the way it turned out! The pattern is from Amy Butler's book In Stitches. A quick and easy pattern that can easily be finished in a few evenings of sewing.
And my final sewing project to show off... I made this fleece-lined paw print blanket to donate to the Snuggles Project, which provides blankets to animal shelters. My hope is that a lonely cat or dog finds some tiny bit of comfort in resting on this blanket rather than a concrete floor. My stuffed koala, Barnaby, is demonstrating one potential use.

That about wraps it up for this WIP Wednesday! Be sure to check out other wipsters posts!

I am off to Seattle this weekend to visit my sister and have a girly few days of facials, yoga, baking, visiting a chocolate factory, and shopping. And of course, there will be Mighty O's, lots of Mighty O's....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fabric and Fondant

It's time for another Work-In-Progress Wednesday! This week I'm focusing on fondant and fabric, my two weapons of choice when it comes to creating lately.

I finished up sewing my sun and surf halter top with the help of my Sew Crafty peeps. I love the fabric and can't wait to wear this around the beach when summer rolls around. To celebrate, I of course brought cupcakes. I made the VCTOTW S'mores cupcakes but added a chocolate ganache layer beneath the frosting to add extra chocolatey flavor and added ricemallow cream to the frosting (both tips courtesy of Conscious Kitchen). The ganache was still warmy when I frosted them, so they ended up being all gooey.... just like a good s'more should be!

Another completed project started off with making what looked like packing peanuts to one of my Flickr commenters! These are actually handmade fondant bows. Unfinished bows on the left, finished ones on the right. I had to make 72 of these little bows....
To go on top of 72 cupcakes! These were for a Breakfast at Tiffany's-themed bridal shower. Half chocolate and half vanilla, both with cream cheese frosting tinted that signature blue color.
Here is a close up shot of the cupcakes. Apparently they were the hit of the party!
Now for a few current projects involving fondant and fabric.... This hula print really made me giggle when I saw it so I'm using it to make someone else smile on their birthday. Can't reveal any more than that right now, more to come later.
And here is a fondant giraffe that I'm working on as I type this for a banana first birthday cake. Assembly will take place tomorrow. Now just trying to decide on a coordinating border color to pipe on the cake. I'm thinking brown? Or is that too blah? Future projects: the WIP stitch along, blankets to donate to the Snuggles project, and an apron!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pillow of Love

Don't forget to enter for the $100 giveaway to Onlineshoes by Feb. 16th! See this post.

Time for another Work In Progress update.... I finished my love bear pillow for the Valentine's Day Stitch-Along. I was amazed at how fast the whole thing came together. Now I want to make room full of pillows!
Way back in December, I took a Valentine card making class with my mom and sister. I didn't exactly follow the instructions on all of the cards (like my heart skull and crossbones?), but I had fun with stamps and hole punches and glitter. After all that hard work, it's kinda hard to part with them!
Last night I finished the first of two nappy bags. Just in the nick of time too; my friend is due on Valentine's day! I really like the dragonfly pattern. I even modified the cell phone pocket to fit the my girlfriend's super cool iPhone that I wish I had. This bag is huge and has tons of space to stash all sorts of fun baby things... diapers, wipes, binkies. Crazy fun.
Tomorrow night I start another 3 week sewing class and I ordered my fabric for the project online at reprodepot. It's such a fun, whimsical print. I'll reveal what we're making when I'm done in a few weeks... (hint: it will be perfect for all the warm weather that's headed our way in the coming months)

This post is a part of Work-In-Progress (W.I.P.) Wednesdays where I share some of my projects that serve as a creative outlet for my mostly left-brained mind. I may be posting the results of finished projects, actual W.I.Ps, or projects that are on my to-do list. Be sure to check out others that are posting their projects as well!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Inspired by Apples

It is a happy day when the first US grown apples arrive in the produce section. Apples are one of my favorite staple foods during the cooler months, whether serving as a snack with peanut butter, in a salad with greens and walnuts, shredded in a slaw with carrots and lemon juice, or baked with an oat & pecan topping with vanilla soy ice cream in an apple crisp (as shown below). My favorite variety of apple? I'm partial to Fujis, but also love the honeycrisps and pink ladies.
Not only will this fiber-rich fruit help keep the doctor away, but it can also serve as inspiration for more creative outlets. I chose this bright, cheerful apple print fabric to use as a lining for the Frenchy Bag that I made at a recent Sew Crafty class. Now it makes me hungry everytime I look inside my bag!
The outside of the bag turned out cute as well. It's the perfect size to stash just about everything in, even a couple of apples!
The W.I.P stitch along was just the push I needed to start my first embroidery project! And with such minimal supplies, it's easy to get started. I picked up some organic cotton twill, embroidery floss (in pink, purple, brown, and green), a hoop, and a needle and that's it! I finished up embroidering the love bear last night and now just need to decide what to do with this cute little guy.
No shortage of projects in my queue. This weekend I went fabric shopping with two of my prego girlfriends (yes, I have entered that stage in life where everyone I know is pregnant) so they could pick out what they wanted for the nappy bags that I'm going to make them. I am currently in the cutting fabric stage (aka my least favorite part) for the first one which has a fast approaching due date!

This post is a part of Work-In-Progress (W.I.P.) Wednesdays where I share some of my projects that serve as a creative outlet for my mostly left-brained mind. I may be posting the results of finished projects, actual W.I.Ps, or projects that are on my to-do list. Be sure to check out others that are posting their projects as well. Thanks to Shellyfish for inspiring us all!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bienvenue dans la jungle, bébé!

Two of my closest friends will be welcoming a baby girl into this crazy jungle of a world in just about a month, so this past weekend I cohosted a co-ed baby shower in their honor. The mom-to-be's only request (besides minimizing the pink) was that I make a cake for the occasion. All that pressure! So I really didn't want to disappoint...

For this jungle-themed cake I made the raspberry blackout cake from VWAV and added fresh raspberries to the ganache layer in the middle. After frosting it with the thick chocolate ganache, I rolled out white fondant to cover the cake. The zebra stripes were cut freehand from black rolled fondant and I piped a pink buttercream border. But the funnest part of making this cake had to be molding the elephant topper from fondant by hand! It turned out so cute! I have a feeling I will be making more fondant figures in the future...
And just in case the cake went fast (which it did, once I could bring myself to cut into it), I also made a dozen lemon macadamia white chocolate chip cupcakes (VCTOTW) in zebra striped cupcake liners with a piped buttercream swirl, a pink fondant flower, and placed in these adorable cupcake cuppies from Etsy.
I wanted to give the expectant parents a few more personalized gifts than just what was on their registry. So I got out my dressmaking shears, some pretty fabric, and 6 plain, white, organic cloth diapers and turned them into a bib and four colorful burp cloths using tutorials from Chickpea Sewing Studio. I thought the Eiffel tower bib was especially appropriate since the baby daddy is French and they are expecting a little girl. These projects were both so easy!
Testing my beginner sewing skills a bit more... ever since Shellyfish posted about the animal friends fabric book from Natasha who runs Hanies Etsy shop, I knew I wanted to make one for the parents-to-be. They have two rescue dogs and mom is a vegetarian, so animals are a big part of their lives (not to mention the jungle-themed party)! Each page of this fabric book features a different animal, including a cat, elephant, dog, lion, and a chicken. Sewing those tight little curves was a bit stressful for me, luckily my mom was there to help out and we cheered each other on through the tough parts.
And since I enjoy decorating real cakes so much, I figured I would attempt my first diaper cake for the occasion. Since this wasn't just a girly shower and I didn't want the guys feeling too threatened, I kept it simple with a few different ribbon trims and a bow on top. You can't see it, but on the inside are two bottles filled with baby stuff. Not edible, but still fun to look at.
I can hardly wait to meet their little girl! Now I am trying to figure out what homemade foods to make so I can help stock their pantry, fridge, and freezer. After all, they're going to need something to eat during those late night feedings!

This post is a part of Work-In-Progress (W.I.P.) Wednesdays where I share some of my projects that serve as a creative outlet for my mostly left-brained mind. I may be posting the results of finished projects, actual W.I.Ps, or projects that are on my to-do list. Be sure to check out others that are posting their projects as well. Thanks to Shellyfish for inspiring us all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

W.I.P. Wednesday: PJs and Pizzelles

I have graduated to sewing curves! And the zigzag stitch! And elastic! These Eiffel Tower pajama pants were made with the Sew Easy Pajama Pants pattern and with the help of the lovely Sarah. They are an xmas gift for my sis (who loves Paris, hence the pattern).

In addition to my normal holiday baking, I also attempted vegan pizzelles for the first time (and subsequently learned that I've been pronouncing "pizzelle" incorrectly my whole life). The whole process was a bit finicky, but with a little more work, I think I'll have it mastered! I used a variation of Emilie's recipe, with both anise and ground almonds.

My next project? Baby bibs and an animal friends fabric book for my good friend who is expecting a little one on Feb 14th! And maybe a pair of pajama pants for myself :-)

Holiday baking post is up next....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Craftiness and Cupcakes on W.I.P. Wednesday

Lately I have been trying to overcome my left-brained tendencies and get a little crafty. So when Shellyfish introduced her Work-In-Progress (W.I.P) Wednesdays last week, I thought I would join in on the fun occcasionally (maybe once a month I'll post my crafty endeavors)!

Now I know I'm supposed to post works-in-progress, but I couldn't help but showing off a few completed crafty things. Starting with cupcakes of course! But these are no ordinary cupcakes.... they are crafty cupcakes. I made these to bring to an amigurumi class at Sew Crafty Houston, my first attempt at crocheting (and definitely not my first attempt at cupcakes)!

And how perfect is it that we crocheted cupcake ornaments? I still need to work on my crocheting technique....
I've also been learning to sew. I haven't moved beyond straight lines and 90 degree turns yet, but maybe someday soon. This weekend I made up a bunch of reusable bags to use for Christmas gifts. These are so easy to make! Just four straight lines of sewing, a few more if you want to add a handle. And the more you give them away, the less everyone will use wasteful wrapping paper.
And now for the real "works-in-progress", all knitting projects for Christmas! These projects are all at a beginner's level, and most involve just knitting and purling. I'm knitting as fast as I can to finish these up before the 25th. There is a boy hat, fetching fingerless gloves (okay this one is for me, but I've put them on hold till after the holiday), a pair of yoga socks using bamboo and soy yarn, and a one-row scarf. Not to mention I need to cast on three more dishrags!
There is something very magical and rewarding about a handmade gift. With each stitch that is sewn, every row that is purled or every cookie that is baked, there is also a lot of love that goes into that fabric, yarn, or dough. As I'm working on a particular gift, I often think of times I've spent with that person or how they might use what I'm making them. It has helped me understand the true spirit of giving. What handmade projects are you working on for the holidays?