Monday, May 7, 2007

Vegan Marshmallows Exposed!

I just found a link to this CNBC story (through Food Fight) about the quest to find make a vegan marshmallow. Like most of us, I have fond memories of sitting around a fire at Girl Scout camp making Smores and telling ghost stories. And of course there are Rice Krispie treats, a long-time favorite. Although I can't say I've eaten too many marshmallows in my adult life, I do remember making the connection when I went vegan that this was a product I would no longer be consuming due to the presence of gelatin. The story describes two vegans who separately started a quest to make the perfectly gooey vegan marshmallow. Both of their paths led to one ingredient: Emes Jel, a supposedly animal-free kosher gelatin replacement. Turns out that Emes Jel was not so kosher after a series of independent tests. I can't imagine how many vegans consumed their products thinking it was safe! Luckily, one of the marshmallow pioneers continued her quest, and finally got it right. Sweet and Sara marshmallows were named product of the year by VegNews and finding them on the shelves these days is apparently quite difficult. I haven't tried them yet, but as soon as I can I want to get a hold of some of the delectable treats, I have my eye on the Mexican Chocolate Marshmallows. I will report back with my findings (could take a little while, because everywhere I checked they were sold out!!) Be sure to watch the two-part series below!

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