Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Flowers for Now, Food Maybe Later

Okay, so I am getting over a nasty stomach bug, which has left me with absolutely no appetite. Hopefully by the weekend my stomach won't do flips when I think about food. (which has been really tough these last few days since I think about food so often now, what to cook, what to blog about, etc.)

So instead I have a picture and a short, sweet story. This is my now blooming hydrangea. John bought it for me nearly two years ago after I was feeling sick. We decided to save it and keep it on the porch of our townhome in the city. That poor thing has been through a lot. It lived through our near miss Hurricane Rita. We left for a two and a half week trip to Patagonia and thought it was dead when we returned. It also survived a recent powerwashing of the building, which left all the plants with yellow leaves (bleach in the water I think). Somehow, it has found the strength to bloom even in the Texas heat!! I thought it was so cute.


Tamara said...

so pretty! I love hydrangeas.

KleoPatra said...