Wednesday, May 9, 2007

HSUS: The Rolex of animal welfare activist groups?

Since the release of the HSUS's "Humane Index" (read my previous blog about how Houston ranked), the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) has responded by labeling the HSUS as "basically PETA with a nicer wristwatch." Their press release is quite angering, even for someone like myself who does not really agree with the animal welfare approach (check out Gary Francione's recent blog post on the problems with animal welfare). They also have links on their website for "PETA Kills Animals" and "Animal Scam". The CCF seems to think it should be every American's right to try foie gras and that no matter how much factory farms try to treat animals humanely, the animal movement will never be satisfied (at least they've got that right). Of course, this group is funded by the food and restaurant industry, so their bias is apparent. Still, these types of campaigns are the reason that the animals rights movement needs to truly mobilize efforts towards promoting veganism, not cage-free eggs, not free range chicken, not organic milk, just veganism. The public gets mixed messages when words like animal welfare and animal rights are used interchangeably. Making animal products more "humane" will only provide people with a false sense of morality. How many ex-vegetarians and vegans have you heard say that now that can enjoy a glass of hormone free organic milk or a free range piece of chicken without feeling guilty that animals suffered?


Pamela said...

That's true - a friend of mine was just saying yesterday that she and her husband always drank Horizon milk thinking they were doing something good by drinking organic. But then they found out the living conditions for the cows aren't any better there than anywhere else. They've switched to something else, but now, of course, I can't remember what it is. :) What do you know about Promised Land milk?

veganfreak said...

There is no humane milk.

Even if the cows are treated well, milk requires cows to be pregnant. Animals born to these cows either end up as veal, as ground beef, or as more dairy cows.

Vegan_Noodle said... milk is humane. And if Promised Land milk is promising otherwise, they are lying.

Frances said...

Untrue. While undoubtedly a dying breed, farms do exist where there are few cows, the babies born to the pregnant are kept on the farm, and the milk is consumed onsite (even straight out of the milking pail.) Unfortunately, since the USDA prohibits the sale of raw milk, there is no economic incentive for these kinds of farms.